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New Space Technologies Research
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Our business includes


The network of automatized telescopes that can be controlled by anyone via the mobile app or the website. You don’t have to invest in expensive hardware to watch the stars and planets. All you need is to download our app, choose a name of the desired planet or star, and a telescope will be set on a certain object. The capacities of ultramodern telescopes can be in your gadget anywhere, any time!


The ultra-light space rocket for launching nano-satellites (with a weight of 1–10 kg). Today nano-satellites are launched along with bigger satellites; therefore launch dates are adjusted to the production of larger satellites and often delayed. This idea is already being developed by a few tens of companies in the world, but we are on our way to establish ourselves in this growing and lucrative field.


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NSTR Space Systems LLC
NSTR Rocket Technologies LLC
phone/fax +7 4722 74 90 50
62v, Pochtovaya, Belgorod, Russia

Victor Chernikov


+7 961 166 83 39


Dmitry Vcherashnev

CFO (AstroNYX)

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Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy

CTO (Errai)

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