Disrupting a pattern of thought at the Voronezh Stoll Business Forum

May 27, 2019

Victor Chernikov, the CEO of NSTR Group of Companies, spoke at the "Disrupting a pattern of thought" section of the Voronezh Stoll Business Forum on May, 24.

It was the largest regional business forum in Russia with over 2000 company owners and managers.

Victor Chernikov at the conference

In his speech devoted to business in the 20th century Victor Chernikov considered an entrepreneurship as a way of thinking.

Also he presented Errai and AstroNYX as key projects of NSTR.

"Astrophotography is beautiful. To make a picture of the night sky today you have to setup your telescope at the least. We want you to make an astrophotography right from your smartphone in the near future," said Victor Chernikov.