Where Can I Get Custom Polo Shirts for my Team?

T-shirt design is a hugely popular outlet for creatives. Whether you’re an illustrator, graphic artist or typographer, putting your designs onto T-shirts can be fun, plus a easy way to sell your designs online).

There are a lot of various opportunities inside canvas printing hong kong industry. You can market yourself to companies that want custom shirts using their logo, create custom T-shirts with people’s photos on, or print shirts for events like stag and hen parties. The possibilities are endless really and you may develop a very profitable business from printing T-shirts. However, there is a lot of competition out there and quality is vital in order to be successful, which is the reason you have to invest inside the right T-shirt printing equipment.

You may typically do artwork in RGB and CMYK color modes, but to ensure the most accurate colors having a silk screener, definitely use PMS colors in your artwork. This also helps to make the colour separations simpler plus much more accurate. Here is a link regarding how to assist Pantone in Illustrator.

A heat press is an essential little bit of Print canvas equipment if you utilize the Flock and Flex printing method. When choosing a heat press, there are two main options to consider. Most people start off using a manual heat press because they are cheaper to acquire. This is a simple machine that has a heated plate that gives heat had to transfer your design on the shirt. You simply lay the shirt on the bottom plate and place the transfer paper while using design on top, then push the very best plate down and hold it.

There are many options available, but the two most popular are direct-to-garment (often known as DTG printing) and screen printing. Choosing the right one for the internet business is most likely the first building block which leads to satisfied customers, saving costs, and being able to scale your business as it grows.


While the exact history of t-shirt printing is unclear, screen printing is definitely the oldest and most common from the three. Experts are apt to have varying opinions, but many feel that screen printing have their roots in ancient China.